Dean: Dr. Dino Joey L. Cordova 


           The School of Teacher Education (STE) aims to develop its students into knowledgeable and cultured citizens who are prepared for their roles in society as educators, and who can serve as agents of social reform.                                                                   
           DMCCF School of Teacher Education believes in the development of intelligent constituents of society who have thirst for scientific and cultural knowledge so that they can contribute to the global transmission of such knowledge and culture to the youth.

          STE seeks to produce graduates who can be: transformational leaders, effective classroom teachers, erudite researchers, and competent educators who are prepared to engage in education breakthroughs anchored on nationalism and globalization.

School of Teacher Education Logo


The meaning of the STE logo:

             Green- The dominant green color stands for growth.
           Blue– The shades of blue stand for stability and harmony.
             Gold-The gold color in each ray stands for the flamboyant goals and core values of the school that need to be achieved and developed among students.
             Laurel Leaves– The laurel leaves stand for knowledge and learning.
             Lamp– The lamp stand for the light that gives a brighter future and it illuminates the quality education that the school offers.
             Light Rays– The six light rays on the left stand for the institutional goals of DMC College Foundation (D-M-C-C-F-I) and the six light rays on the right stand for the core values (L-E-A-D-E-R).


         –           Development Oriented in its Quest for Excellence
        –           Modern Technology-Based Academic and Professional Program
         –           Community Involvement as Corporate Social Responsibility
C          –           Competitiveness in Linkages and Work Partnership Globally
F          –           Focus on Advances in Information and Communications Technology
I           –           Innovative and Creative Over-All Learning Experiences


L          –           Life-long Learning
E          –           Excellence in Education
         –           Active Long Service
D          –           Doer of Proactive and Progressive Transformation
E          –           Empowering Partnerships
R          –           Research Oriented