Dean: Dr. Irene Eguico

The DMCCFI Graduate School believes that continuing education gives professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and abilities in their respective fields of expertise.

The Masters and Doctorate Programs aim to provide its professional students with extensive study programs, expansive discussions from its highly qualified guest professors, and serious research and dissertations on relevant societal topics.

The Graduate School emulates the overall vision and philosophy of the college, believes in its constitutional ideals, and upholds its mission and quest for excellence.

The Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation situated at Mibang, Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City in Consortium with the Negros Oriental State University based in Dumaguete City is offering the following courses:

1. Doctor of Management Major in Public Administration
2. Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management
3. Master of Public Management  Major in Human Resource Management
4. Master of Public Management Major in Local Government Administration
5. Master of Arts in Educational Management
6. Master of Arts in English
7. Master of Business Administration with new electives in    
a. Bank Marketing       
b. Internal Control       
c. Micro-Financing
8. Master of Science in Information Technology
9. Master of Public Health
10. Certificate of Governmental  Management

In addition, we also offer Master of Public Administration which the DMCCFI has been producing the highest number of graduates.

We have competent mentors, graduates from prestigious universities and offers affordable tuition fees with free tuition fees for those who graduated Valedictorian and half for Salutatorian graduates in their baccalaureate degree.