To improve quality of life and have a greater impact on the communities being served with special focus to the underprivileged.



To provide appropriate services needed by the community and improve their living condition through viable programs and services in cooperation and coordination with different agencies and entities.



1. To promote extension projects through self-help process in target community.
2. To implement programs and services that target beneficiary could undertake in their own community.
3. Design a program wherein target community will serve as channel for technology development, promotion, adoption and utilization
4. Improve the quality of life of deprived and underprivileged communities by implementing viable projects and programs.
5. Coordinate with other sectors of the school community e.g. all schools/colleges, offices and departments, the students including the alumni and other agencies GOs and NGOs for complementation of services.



Health Literacy Program

This project involves orientation and discussion about basic health issues, family life, nutrition and health and sanitation to high school, elementary students and teachers, mothers and other members of the community by the Faculty and selected BSN students of the College of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences. This endeavor will be conducted in partnership with the DSWD Pantawid Program targeting those beneficiaries of the government poverty reduction program especially on the conduct of Family Development Sessions (FDS).

  • Family Planning Education
  • Herbal Medicine Preparation/Demonstration
  • Nutrition Education
  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Drug Awareness and Prevention
  • Operation “K” and its prevention 


Capability Building Project 

The School of Hotel Restaurant & Institution Management & the School of Business and Accountancy in partnership with the DSWD Pantawid Program will train mothers and other unemployed and willing residents of Partner Community that would help their family augment their income and/or develop a skill thru demonstrations, trainings and workshops on;

  • Food processing
  • Simple book keeping and accounting


Computer Literacy Program

Proponent of this project is the College of Computer Studies. Teachers and children from public elementary and high school will be taught about the basic of computers and computer programs which could assists them in their daily life as well as a new skill. The other target of this project is the Out-Of-School Youths who are vulnerable to bad vices, giving them something to do where they can focus their energy and which can give them an edge to work is a sure way of saving their future.


Annual Medical Outreach

The school in cooperation with the College of Nursing will organize one (1) medical mission, targeting not just the partner-community but also other “communities” that needs medical attention like far-flung areas and/or those affected by calamities. The outreach will be conducted in partnership and coordination with other government and non-government agencies like the 101st Infantry Brigade as DMC is now affiliated with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Services include the following; 

  • Dental services
  • Circumcision for male children
  • Check-up with free medicines


Summer Sports Clinic

Targeting in and out of school youths of neighboring communities and schools in cooperation with other agencies and entities as sponsor. Training/s on different sports will be given to member/participants. This is to train the youth the value of sportsmanship and camaraderie. And to keep them busy during summer vacation and keep them away from prohibited drugs, gambling and delinquency ultimately develop passion for sports.

  • Table Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Lawn Tennis


Sponsorship & Hosting

The school sponsors and hosts seminar in and outside the school campus to target individuals and/or groups as regards any subject that would help same in their jobs, daily living and in the preservation of humanity and the environment as a whole. DMC Venue will be free of charge and/or DMC will bring equipments outside the school if needed.

  • Symposia on Global Warming/Climate Change
  • Information Drive on Influenza A(H1N1)
  • Symposia on Dengue
  • Dangerous Drug Education Campaign (College of Criminology)


Green & Clean Campaign

The school will adopt an area, through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, for tree planting and parenting as it is part of the government’s Greening Program. We shall as well sponsor, lead and join clean-up drives, clean and green activities whether locally, regional and national events.

  • Tree planting & parenting
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints through the CLAYGO & 4R’s


Outreach Programs

This project is anchored on the traditional humanitarian approach with the intention to reach out and lend a helping hand to those less fortunate individuals. Preferably to be conducted as part of the annual Foundation Celebration and during Christmas Season as it is the time of giving. Relief operation will form part of this program as the country is prone to typhoons which sometimes causes great destruction including disasters that are man-made. Beneficiary will either be the partner-community or other community or group that needs help.

  • Calamity Relief Operation
  • Care & Share (College)
  • Bundles of Joy (DMC-SHS)


Campaign to Prevent Bad Vices

This is a vice and drug abuse prevention project of the College of Criminology.  Instead of the usual lecture through seminar/symposia on the Dangerous Drug Act, the College will form a group of students who are basketball players and visit the Partner Community regularly (Sundays at least once a month) and play with the youth including OSY whose age are not beyond 21 years old. 



The Student Affairs Office as the lead department which checks students’ attendance in school activities will impose donation of goods instead of monetary fines to those who do not attend co-curricular affairs set by the school. These goods will be utilized when relief operation is needed.