The Library’s mission is to provide access, within the over all framework of library and information services, to information resources appropriate to the encouragement of learning, teaching and research in medical, arts, and science fields.

It will employ the following methods to achieve this mission:

  • The provision of a library environment conducive to learning.
  • To provide ready and efficient access to information consistent with the teaching and research interests of the DMCCFI faculty and the learning needs of DMCCFI students.
  • The development and delivery, in a friendly and efficient manner, of as wide a range of library and information services as possible.


The Library is a place for active engagement with the resources provided, a place for learning, research, collaboration, quit study and reflection. We are proud of our tradition of outstanding service and are committed to an exciting future marked by open access ideas and information.

The college has a library that is fully air-conditioned with open shelves, computerized catalogue, interlinked computer units, and with computerized ID and E-guard system.


General Circulation and Reservation

For students:

1. Circulation books can be loaned for overnight use.
a. Day Class: 4:30 pm
b. Night Class: 8:00 pm
2. Fiction books can be borrowed for three days.
3. Books with less than 10 copies cannot be loaned and are for inside-reading only.
4. Maximum number of books that can be borrowed at a time:
a. Students: One book for overnight use
5. For overdue books, the following fines are imposed:
a. First offense: P10.00/day
b. Second offense: P20.00/day
c. Third offense: same fine (b) plus suspension of borrowing privilege for one semester (this is to discourage delinquent users).
6. General reference books, magazines, newspapers, journals, and periodicals are for inside-reading only.
7. Anybody caught mutilating or attempting to mutilate library resources will be given due penalty.

Faculty Members:

1. Faculty members may borrow for overnight use only a maximum of four books.
2. For research purposes, a book may be taken out of the library for a maximum of one month with special clearance from the AVP-AA or the President.
3. Lost books will be replaced with the same books but if these books are not available in the Philippines, the replacement fee shall be Php2,000.00 or the price of the book, whichever is higher.
4. All faculty members are required to secure a clearance immediately after the final examination.

The Main Library is located at the ground floor of the Nursing Building and the Basic Education Library is situated in the second floor of the Basic Education Building.


The auditorium is another state-of-the-art addition to DMCCFI’s structures through the continuous efforts and planning of the College Administration to facilitate the needs of a venue for indoor activities. It is located on the fourth floor of Phase 2 of the Nursing Building.

The architectural plan design and its state of the art facilities allow for comfort, ambience, and sophistication. The College auditorium is fully air-conditioned equipped with eleven split-type air conditioning units mounted on the ceilings. It is loaded with complete audio-video equipment. The auditorium’s acoustics and different lighting facilities are designed for the various events, from concerts to conventions.

Events may be held at the auditorium after making arrangements with the Office of Administrative Services.


The multi-purpose covered court is a structure designed to cater to the recreational sports and cultural activities of the college. It has also been the venue for musical shows, concerts and programs. The Administration has extended its support for the convenience of the students.

The state-of-the-art Covered Court, which can be used in any weather, was designed according to the latest architectural innovations. It is also an ideal venue for basketball games with its rubberized floor and a digital-shot clock mounted on each goal. An electronic score-board as well as complete audio, video, and lighting facilities are also installed and fully functional.

The covered court may be used by students enrolled in the DMCCF during school activities for free. However, the Covered Court also accommodates individuals or entities outside DMC, provided they have prior arrangement. Sports activities to be conducted at the covered court should be coordinated with the Sports Coordinator and the Office of Administrative Services for proper scheduling.


The Human Anatomy Laboratory is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, apparatuses, and anatomical models.

The laboratory has the following general functions.

1.Enable the student to view models of the various body systems and their parts through hands-on identification.
2.Enhance the learning of the students through activities and experiments that would demonstrate the physical and chemical processes of the human body as being implicated in the Human Anatomy & Physiology lectures.
3.Facilitate ease in the teaching process among instructors through the aid of life-size human organ system replicas.
4.Function as a service unit to all DMCCFI students to facilitate learning in the human body parts and functions.
5.Motivate the students, who are aspiring for advanced studies on medical fields to study further by providing them an inspiring and conducive place for learning.


The ultra modern Nursing Arts Center, Zamboanga del Norte’s first simulated hospital training facility, is the most important laboratory of the College of Nursing, aptly located on the Top Floor of the Nursing Building

This simulated hospital is regularly occupied by BSN as well as the Caregiver and Midwifery students undergoing training, lecture demonstrations, and practical exams.

The NAC has a mini Emergency Room, Operating Room, Recovery Room, Labor and Delivery Rooms, a neonatal ICU/Nursing Unit, two lecture rooms, a central supply room, ward and receiving area, all of which are equipped with necessary instruments and supplies. Other equipment found in the NAC includes an anesthesia machine, dialysis machine, two Hoyer lifts, and an emergency cart. There is also a five-bed ward equipped with a centralized oxygen, suction machine, and nebulizer.

Proper usage of the NAC is reinforced by guidelines and rules formulated by the College of Nursing and by the NAC Personnel-in-charge. Teachers may use the NAC any time; accommodation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who wish to use the NAC need to submit a letter of request countersigned by their clinical instructor.


The Chemistry laboratory spans one hundred seventy-seven square meters in floor area. It is situated at the far left of the first floor, Phase 2 of the Nursing Building adjacent to the Care Giver Skills laboratory.

The laboratory is furnished with an office for the Personnel-in-Charge, a stockroom for chemical supplies and paraphernalia, and a special instructor’s area for demonstration. Safety being a priority, an automatic sprinkler, eyewash and shower ENS, three experiment tables and a fume hood designed to siphon off harmful fumes from chemicals during experiments are also installed.

The fully air-conditioned lab also contains forty-eight gas outlets and several water faucets, sinks and a shower. The instructor’s demo table is augmented with an overhead mirrored glass so that students at the back of the class can view a demonstrated procedure with clarity through this add-on. There are sixty lab chairs for a roomier accommodation.


DMC College Foundation has opened and completed a first-rate Caregiver Skills Laboratory at the ground floor of the Phase 2 New Building last October 6, 2007.

The said laboratory is furnished with the finest equipment including a Fabriano Chute Range as well as a top-of-the-line dryer, a microwave, a gas range, a washing machine and refrigerator, all of the Whirlpool brand. It is also equipped with other assistive devices for care-giving and household services, including a mechanical lift, an exercise ramp, and three hospital beds.

The laboratory contains a staff office and a restroom installed with a bathtub for demonstration purposes. It occupies a floor area of 177 square meters and is located beside the Chemistry Laboratory on the ground floor, Phase 2 of the Nursing Building.


Multimedia Rooms and Speech Laboratory are service units supporting the academic departments. They provide instructors with adequate audio and video instructional materials.

Their primary purpose is to provide assistance for the educational needs of the college through the acquisition, upkeep, and control of audio-visual materials and supplies and facilities.

The three multi-media rooms are equipped with overhead projectors, LCD projector, CD, VHS and DVD players.

The Speech Laboratory has 30 cubicles with headphones, master control with auto tape selector.

Reservation is required when the Multimedia Rooms are to be used. The Speech laboratory is reserved solely for Speech and other language classes. Students are required to wear complete and proper uniforms before they are allowed access to these facilities.


Dipolog Medical Center, Inc. is a stock corporation that started operating on August 11, 1974 as a fifteen-bed general hospital. It is located in Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City. Dipolog Medical Center is the realization of the ideas of fifteen Diplognon medical practitioners and Msgr. Felix Zafra, former archbishop of Dipolog, who pooled their expertise and resources together to establish a high-quality hospital facility in the city.

From a fifteen bed general hospital, Dipolog Medical Center is now a fifty-bed secondary hospital. To cater to different clients, the base hospital has three (3) suite rooms, six (6) private rooms, two (2) semi- private rooms, male and female medical wards, ophthalmology Medicare ward, pedia medicare ward, surgical medical Medicare ward, isolation Medicare ward, OB ward, ICU, NICU, laboratory, physical therapy room, dental clinic, emergency room, recovery room, nurses’ station, dietary section and the newest additions, a modern CT Scan, doctors’ clinics, and the billing office.

The Hospital is also equipped with modern facilities which include an ECG machine, suction machine, cardiac monitor, anesthesia machine, dialysis machine, machine for cataract extraction, mechanical ventilator, Hoyer lifts, and emergency carts among others.

Students from Nursing, Clinical Lab Science, Radiologic Technology, Midwifery, Physical therapy, and Caregiver programs benefit in their practical training through the use of the abovementioned facilities of Dipolog Medical Center, the only school with a base hospital in the region.