Objective: To build a strong education, quality learning, and solid foundation.

Attuned with the school’s vision-mission, the DMC College Foundation Pre-School seeks to develop the child physically, intellectually, psychologically, aesthetically and spiritually by meeting his/her needs in actual-living experience through self-activity in a prepared environment.

A. Physical Development. To develop muscular control of the small and big muscles, health, the habit of hygiene, and coordination movement through rhythmic and gymnastic activity and games, indoor and outdoor free play.

B. Intellectual Development. To prepare the child’s mind for later systematic learning, the core knowledge curriculum aims to:

i. Achieve refinement of the senses as receptors for developmental experiences and skill in using one’s fingers
ii. Awaken the child’s cognitive power and develop the ability to think, observe, classify, plan, communicate and preserve by him/herself rather than accumulate and memorize knowledge.
iii. Form basic concepts through first-hand experience in self-chosen, guided, creative and constructive play activities. 
iv. To develop self-confidence, initiative and emotional security through the experience of success and acceptance; to develop a happy attitude towards life as a necessary pre-requisite to successful living and learning.
v. Develop creative self-expression and a sense for beauty, performing arts through a rich program of art activity, musical experiences and appreciation of the beauty of nature.
vi. Develop in the child the desire to live as a true Lasallian and a child of God by actual application of the Lasallian values and virtues, kindness, truth and honesty. Appreciation of work and the desire to do good, respect the rights of others, to share and to follow accepted rules of democratic living.



The Science High School utilizes a highly competitive secondary education program, which puts emphasis on science, language, and computer technology. It aims to mold and develop the young and juvenile minds of its students into becoming scientifically inclined and dynamically conscious of competition and scholastic excellence.

The mission of the DMCSHS is to become a significant milestone in its students’ academic lives by highlighting science and computers and nurturing their awareness of global proficiency. It also aims to assist the students in career deliberation, selection, and orientation. The Science High School Program believes that early training and development often yield optimal results.