The School Seal

The school seal of DMC College Foundation, Inc. is a symbol of its identity in the community. The seal encompasses the foundation’s philosophy and vision-mission of full development of a person’s potentials by encouraging, motivating, and challenging him to maximize his innate and acquired skills. The seal signifies the school’s endeavor to provide overall learning experiences by challenging students to explore their full potential through quality academic situations and offering diverse programs of student activities.

The circular shape defines the universality of DMCCFI and its unceasing aim of providing quality education. 

The upper part of the middle concentric ring contains the name of the foundation while the lower part contains the name of the city of its birth, Dipolog. This represents the school’s commitment to respond to and serve its community by producing socially responsible and competent graduates.

The green figure of three overlapping lines at the center of the emblem is the “Star of Life”, a symbol related to medical emergency response. This signifies the school’s vast history of teaching courses in the medical sciences. The Rod of Asclepius in the middle embodies the school’s academic programs to prepare the students to be globally competent in their respective fields of endeavor.

The two laurel leaves embracing the “Star of Life” manifests the school’s mission of providing excellent and compassionate service. Moreover, it symbolizes the high standards of performance the school sets for its students, faculty, and staff.

Below the six-pointed star rests an open book containing the inscription ‘1977’, the year in which the foundation began providing educational services.


White signifies the purity of DMCCFI’s intention of providing quality and innovative education to the youth of Dipolog and its neighboring communities in facing the challenges of the 21st century with confidence, competence, and Christian commitment.

Green reflects the vibrant life and energy DMCCFI encourages in its students in striving towards achieving their goals in life.