Upon entering the campus, all must observe the following protocol:


  1. Hand washing;
  2. Foot Bath;
  3. Thermal Scanning;
  4. Hand Sanitizing;
  5. QR Code Scanning (DMCCFI Health  Declaration Form);
  6. QR Code Scanning (Campus Access); 

A2. Those with temperatures of 37.4 degrees Celsius or below are allowed to enter the campus provided that they fully accomplished the DMCCFI Health Declaration Form.

Visitors with temperatures of 37.4 degrees Celsius or below can access any of the offices inside DMCCFI given that proper communication is observed, i.e., visitors must present any type of communication from the office concerned. Transactions concerning the Business Office and Registrar’s Office may or may not be in need of communication as well as accessing the modules. Visitors may stay at the back of the Covered Court or Senior High School Building while waiting for their turn to be entertained. Chairs are provided for them for proper accommodation.

For those with temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and above will be held at the main gate (in front of the    Guard House where the generator was placed before) for 5 minutes and then their temperatures will be checked again. If it is still 37.6 degrees Celsius and above, he/she is not allowed to enter the campus.

A3. RFID/ Attendance System for all employees will be placed back at the Guard House. Moreover, all employees are required to have their own QR Code for Campus Access (SAFEPASS) upon entering the campus. The scanner for this is placed beside the RFID system for easy access. Furthermore, social distancing must strictly be observed.





The school must observe the fifty (50%) percent operational capacity on every office for essential work functions at any given time. This implies that if an office holds more than five personnel, they must be accommodated in another working space area or office. 

Kindly refer to the following working space area:



Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office

Speech Laboratory

Business Office

Business Office

Computer Laboratory 2

Nursing Department

Nursing Faculty Office

Research Office

General Education Department

GENED Office


AMS Department

AMS Office

MT Laboratory

Pharma Laboratory

SHS Department


SHS Computer Laboratory

PS – JHS Department

Nursery Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten Classroom


To lessen the number of faculty in their designated area, the faculty will be given an option to go on Work-from-Home Arrangement with the endorsement from the Department Head (Principal, Dean). The Department Head shall monitor the faculty during their online classes and must submit report to the HR Office through email, SMS, or phone call for attendance monitoring. Furthermore, all means of communication must be available to avoid hassle and delay of transactions.

Prolonged face-to-face interaction between personnel and with clients is discouraged. Meetings needing physical presence will be kept to a minimum number of participants and with short duration. Employees are encouraged to use various communication channels such as telephone, videoconferencing, emails etc.

Each personnel is, by rule, expected to contain himself/herself in the workplace. Unless necessary, he/she may transact face-to-face but still following the rules on physical distancing and zero contact. LOGGING IN AND OUT ON A LOGBOOK FOR EACH OFFICE VISITED IS MANDATORY.

Avoid congregating in large numbers during meals and breaks and maintain the 2-m physical distance with others at all times. 

Employees showing less common symptoms like aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, fatigue, coughs and colds, are advised to take a leave from work. You may use your sick leave or emergency leave for that matter. As per Memo No.HRD453, the HR Office would no longer be needing any medical certificates for verification for as long as the School Nurse and the Immediate Head has been notified ahead of time.

As per Memo No.HRD452, all employees are strongly encourage to avail of the vaccination program of the local government units where they belong. Getting the vaccine gives you an added layer of protection against COVID-19 virus and could also protect your co-workers and your family.