Guided by the institution’s vision, the College of Criminology aims to be recognized as a leading institution that shall produce graduates who have the knowledge and skills in addressing the problem of criminality in the country and the competence to meet the challenges of globalization in the field of criminology.


To provide the community with professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective services to the community.


The main goal of DMC College Foundation - College of Criminology is to provide the quality instruction, guidance, and social orientation to produce competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective service to the community and to our country as a whole.



BS in Criminology

Bachelor of Science in Criminology focuses on the study of historical and contemporary patterns of crime and victimization, the social etiology of criminality, social responses to crime, and the processes of crime control. Criminologists combine theoretical and empirical methods to study crime and delinquency, including the manner in which offenders are processed. The functions and dynamics of the criminal justice system are studied in detail with emphasis on the linkage between these processes and various social institutions and organizations.

The Criminology curriculum is designed for students who are interested in studying the causes, prevention, and control of criminal activity. Students will acquire a broad base of knowledge about crime, criminals, victims, and the justice system.



DMC Criminal Justice Education Student Council (DMC-CJESC)


a.To function as a student organization;
b.To encourage participation;
c.To promote development of criminology students;
d.To foster communication between students and faculty in Criminology; and
e.To address program and other issues that directly affects the criminology students.




1. Freshmen

The DMC College of Criminology conforms to the institutional policies on admitting freshmen.

2. Shiftees

A student who intends to shift from any program within the College should obtain a GPA of at least 80%, incur no failing grade in any academic and non-academic subjects, and pass the interview conducted by the Dean or his designate.

3. Transferee

A student from another institution should comply with these requirements:

  • GPA of at least 80%
  • Submission of the following documents: recommendation letters or certification of good moral character, police clearance, transfer credential, certification of grades or transcript marked “for evaluation purposes only.”
  • Undergo interview conducted by the Dean or his designate
  • Pass the entrance examination

4. Other requirements (for freshmen)

Male applicants should at least be 1 meter and 62.5 centimeters in height. Female applicants should be 1 meter and 57.5 centimeters. Male applicants should not have long hair, tattoo, moustache or beard; and must not wear earrings.

5. Other requirements (for upper-classmen)

  • Police clearance every first semester during enrollment
  • Photocopy of complete set of class cards from the previous semester (original classcards must be shown)
  • Prescribed haircut
  • Hair non-dyed
  • No tattoo/s
  • No earrings (male)
  • No beard/moustache
  • In case a student fails in one or two courses (academic or non-academic), a corresponding one or two courses will be deducted from the scheduled number of courses to be enrolled in the succeeding semester/ term
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