PRESIDENT:                        REYNALD P. KYAMKO (BSN 2008)


TREASURER:                       GINO IGNACIO A. GALAN (BSN 2010)





DMCCF holds grandest alumni reunion

DMC College Foundation held its grandest reunion party by far, part of the school’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. The occasion, marked by joyous revelry and happy re-acquaintance, couldn’t be more timely as it was held during the Christmas season when many alumni have come home from other places. Around a hundred alumni, some coming all the way from the US and Middle East, attended the elegant cocktail and dinner celebration followed by an upbeat DJ party on December 30, 2014. DMC President Albert “Flint” Concha, VP for External and Alumni Affairs Gerry Concha, and VP for Administration Diana Concha graced the occasion welcoming alumni from 1979 to 2014. DMC President Flint Concha gave an opening message reminding alumni of olden times and DMC’s humble beginnings, and how it has grown over the decades into a LaSalle-supervised school. The Grand Alumni Homecoming was sponsored by Smart Communications. Alumni guests chitchatted while enjoying cocktails by Pravda Mobile Bar moments before the dinner program. Drinks were free and overflowing throughout the evening. “This is one of the rare occasions we allow alcohol inside the campus. We want our alumni to have a great time and we know that they are responsible individuals,” said Dr. Gerry Concha, VP for External and Alumni Affairs whose office has planned the event since July 2014. DMCCFI also honored its most senior alumna in attendance, Ma. Victoria Lacson of Midwifery Class of 1979, the pioneering Midwifery batch. Ms. Lacson is now based in the Israel. A few other awards were also given including the male and female Faces of the Night which were specially awarded to a couple who are both alumni now based in Chicago, Illinois, Richard Te and Mary Kris Grado Te. An election of officers was also held and Mr. Reynald P Kyamko of BSN Class of 2008 was made President of DMC Alumni Association with. The night was rounded up by a DJ Party by Cebu Lifedance crowd favorite DJ Steve Chadi who played up until 1 am with MC Jeff Carreon Amilasan who provided the life during the party. “DMC is so thankful to have such generous alumni. Some alumni showed support even though they could not attend since some of them could not come home for the holidays. Still they donated some amounts to make this event very successful,” said DMCCFI Alumni Coordinator Ramil Dominic Quirong.

                DECEMBER 30, 2014


                                MARIA VICTORIA LACSON (MIDWIFERY 1979)


                                DAYLINDA OCAMPO (BSN 1995)


                                RICHARD TE (BSN 2007) & MARY KRIS GRADO-TE (BSN 2010)

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